About The Event

About This Event

Connectivity infrastructure across Africa continue to develop rapidly, enabling a flourish of new services and opportunities.  However, there are still many challenges for industry participants with regards innovative commercial and technology deployments that would help them achieve universal connectivity in the broadband, data and media space.

"Connectivity Opportunities For Broadcast Video & Data Services" is the executive industry forum designed to expose industry executives in Africa to viable and cost-effective data, broadband and media connectivity service options. The 2-Day workshop will enable managers to take advantage of new and innovative opportunities that guarantee high service quality and enhanced experiences for their end customers.

Exclusively presented by SES Africa, this exclusive, by “invitation-only” workshop will be attended by management-level executives in the Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Converged Media services in Ivory Coast primarily and also from surrounding countries/markets.

Who Should Attend?

The forum will be attended by:

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Heads of Departments
  • Technical Managers
  • Business Managers
From organisations involved with
  1.  Regulation and policy
  2. Telecoms operations
  3. Broadcast and media
  4. Broadband infrastructure
  5. Enterprise ICT


5-Star Reasons To Attend

At this key industry forum, industry executive will….


  • How regulators can fast-track development of connectivity infrastructure
  • How to create a win-win connectivity ecosystem for the benefit of all stakeholders
  • How to resolve main challenges with cost-effective video distribution in Africa
  • How to leverage converged broadcast and data platforms and services
  • Cost-effective distribution of video services across multiple platforms
Meet and Network...
With senior level public and private owned broadcasters, media owners, policy makers, industry regulators, technology providers and many other industry stakeholders from within Ivory Coast and the West Africa region, across the Continent and beyond.